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 Welcome to Year 5 

5E - The Giraffes

Mrs Ellis and Mr Bones


5T - The Narwhals

Mr Thatcher, Miss Lawes and Mrs Wheeler 

There are hundreds of great reads for year 5.

These are some of our favourites.

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 Term 5 is almost over and we have been busy! Despite it being a short term, we have crammed lots of learning in (and a little fun along the way!)

Mexico is our topic this term. So far, we have learned about where Mexico is, the countries surrounding Mexico, a little about the climate and landscape and how Mexico compares with other countries we are familiar with.

Did you know?

The national flower of Mexico is the Dahlia. There are 42 species including a number of spectacular flowers with various sizes, shapes and colours!

We have continued our theme of using shade through the medium of watercolours and have had a go at painting some Dahlias. Here are a few of the results:


Subasna achieved some amazing shades using her watercolours!


We love hearing about what our year 5s achieve. Well done to Nieve and Phoebe for your awards- we are very proud of you!


     Phoebe's gymnastics medal                              Nieve's Karate trophy

We had fun putting our knowledge of measures to the test. We had to estimate a range of lengths/distances, capacities and masses using our prior knowledge and a few clues to help. Then we found out the real measurements and worked out how far away our estimates were.


     How heavy might these          We used different equipment 

    sugar packets be?                    to measure the actual 


We will soon be learning about rivers and volcanoes as part of our Geography topic work. Lots of the children have loved creating model volcanoes as part of their homework- many of which actually erupt!

Kaci used diet coke and mentos for her eruption.

While Lydia made a fully edible erupting volcano from cake and chocolate! It was lava-ly!!

We continue to enjoy our Forest Schools sessions where we have been learning about the different types of trees in our school grounds. We learned how to conduct a tree survey, measuring the heights, branch spans and even estimating the ages. There are some trees in our grounds which may be over 100 years old!


Year 5 have just started a sunflower race! We have planted 2 sunflower seeds each along the front fence. We will look after our sunflowers and will collect data from them, measuring them to see who's sunflower grows the tallest. 

Not only will they look amazing when they flower but we can also use them when we come to learn about plants in one of our science topics later on in the summer term.

Having planted them just before the Easter holidays, we were excited to see that many of the seeds have already sprouted. Some of our seeds haven't and we have discussed the range of reasons why this may be. We will give them another week or two in case they are slow starters.

Update: The seedlings are growing nicely! Many have reached around 6 or 7 cm tall and are beginning to strengthen. Sadly, not everyone's seeds have grown unfortunately that's life! But we do have a few spares so some of us can adopt a sunflower instead.

We started term 4 with MADD week where we cover a range of different Music Art Dance and Drama activities. In year 5 we have been learning about New Orleans in the USA. We have looked at its history with Jazz music, its cultural diversity and the colourful arts and festivals for which it is well known.

Click below to hear our own versions of 'Mama Don't Allow' where they all had improvised solos in each chorus.Proper Dixieland style jazz!

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5T's performance:

5E's performance:



 Take a look at our photo gallery below. We will be adding more photos during the year.