Cheriton Primary School

Welcome to Year 3 

3A - Chameleons

Miss Adams

3S - Orangutans

Mr Siddons

In Year 3, we have been finding out all about the lives of the Ancient Egyptians: what did they believe and how did they live? We found out about the gruesome business of mummification and then had a go at mummifying some fruit and vegetables! It was fun to discover that we could use salt to dry them out and help preserve them. 

The children also created their own diaries as they put themselves in the shoes of pyramid builders, working in the quarries and moving huge stone blocks into place. It must have been very hard work!


In Forest school, we collected natural materials in the woodland area and made our own shadufs – ancient water lifting machines, which are still found by the River Nile.  We are looking forward to finding out some more about the Nile, Africa’s longest river. 

As the weather improves (we hope), we are now turning out attention to growing some plants from seeds and experimenting with what conditions a plant needs to grow best.

At the end of term, we particularly enjoyed the Easter Bonnet Parade around school. It was lots of fun showing off all our hard work to the mums and dads.