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Welcome to Year 3 

3J - Bears

Mr James and Mrs Dorran

 3S -  Cheetahs

Mr Siddons and Mrs P Gurung



Home Learning 

Please find below  all the home learning that has been set by the teachers.

Hello Year 3.  We hope you are well and staying safe and busy!

Our topic in Term 6 is called 'Making Magical Choices', based around the first Harry Potter book 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'.

Here are a few things you could do at home if you like:

Can you read the book and/or watch the film?  It would be great if you could do this as a family so that you can talk about it.

You could write some 'comprehension' type questions about the story to challenge your family members.

Our science learning is based around healthy living.  Vernon and Dudley do not eat well or take enough exercise.  Could you carry out some research into how to live a healthy lifestyle?  Think about eating, exercise, sleeping and drinking water.  Perhaps you could make some posters and put them up in your bedroom.  Maybe you could write a letter to Dudley giving him some good advice.

In Literacy we are going to retell the part of the story where Harry and the Dursleys visit the zoo for Dudley's birthday.  There are some pictures below of screen shots from the scene.  Can you retell the story of the day using the pictures to illustrate your writing?  Perhaps you could make a comic strip?  Maybe you could use Windows Movie Maker or PowerPoint and make a slideshow with text? It's a very funny scene so it should be fun to do?



To copy the pictures just right-click and choose 'copy picture' or 'save picture as' if you want to save it.  You can resize the pictures in any program.

In maths we are looking at looking at the money that wizards use and comparing it to 'muggle' money.  No one really knows the value of Galleons, Sickles and Knuts, but we are going to say that a Knut is worth about 20p, a sickle is about £1 and a Galleon is about £5.

You could:
Design your own coins or notes for wizard money.
Do more research into the value of wizard money.
Work out the cost of items, perhaps from online shopping, in wizard money.

I hope you have fun with these activities.  Remember to carry on with the Purple Mash '2Do' activities.  The work you have done so far is lovely!

Don't forget also to ...

Make sure you can tell the time to the nearest minute
Tie your shoelaces
Measure, using a ruler and a tape measure
Show measurements as millimetres, centimetres and metres
(eg 900 mm = 90 cm = 0.9 m)
Keep learning the x2, x3, x4, x5, x8 and x10 tables until you can answer questions instantly
Read as much as you can
Talk to people
Do things around the house and garden if you can
Cook, using measurements such as grams and kilograms where you can
Use money, especially working out change
Keep working on th 2Do challenges.  Please feel free to add messages to us when you hand in your work.



A few weeks ago, as part of our 'Ancient Egypt' topic we decided to try our hand at mummification.  We researched how it was done, gathered the ingredients and equipment and found some willing 'victims'.  Sadly none of the children would volunteer to be mummified, so we got some apples, cucumbers, tomatoes and ... fish!

We followed a set of instructions that we found on YouTube (did they have YouTube in Ancient Egypt?) and put our 'victims' in containers filled with salt.  We gave them appropriate names, labelled the containers and put them somewhere safe.

Today I opened them up to see how they fared. The evidence is below.  The salt was crusty, probably because it had absorbed the water from the contents and then dried.

The cucumber didn't do very well, possibly because cucumbers have a very high water content and this would all have been absorbed by the salt.

The apple and tomato did very well.  The tomato, especially didn't look all that different from when it went into the pot.

Best of all was the fish.  They still looked edible, although I wouldn't recommend eating them, of course!  They did smell pretty bad!

Perhaps if you wanted something extra to do you could talk to your parents about what we did, using the pictures as prompts.  If you are really keen you could make a leaflet, booklet or poster about what we did.  Maybe you could print the pictures to illustrate your work.

I hope I have uploaded a video to YouTube.  Here is the link:

If it doesn't work you will need to search for 'Mummified things in 3J'.

Before ...


After ...


There will be some more activities on the website next week.  Meanwhile try to stay positive and use the time to play, read, talk and get outside if you can!



In Year 3 we try to teach the children to begin to be independent.  You can help us to do this by allowing your child to come into school independently.  Here is a checklist to help them get into class successfully.

Teachers are happy to speak to parents at the end of the school day.

Please remember that children should only have water in their bottle, not squash.

There are hundreds of great reads for year 3.

These are some of our favourites.

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