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The school is vibrant, cultural heritages are valued and celebrated. Outstanding engagement with parents. Pupils lives are enriched because you make the most of the diverse cultral and social mix. All staff are proud to work here and enjoy being part of the school. Ofsted


Our school is committed to working in close partnership with parents and carers to ensure each child reaches their potential.

School staff are always happy to meet with parents, but since schools can attract unwelcome visitors, it is essential that you call at the school office first. If you wish to see the Headteacher to discuss any school matter it is helpful if you first make an appointment. 

If you have concerns or worries about any aspect of your child's education do not hesitate to get in touch with your child's class teacher, the Family Liaison Officer or Headteacher.


Do you have a child in Year R-6. The Immunisation team will be in school  on (07/12/2021) to give the FLU vaccinations. The online consent portal is available online at

Don’t forget to record your consent or refusal for your child’s FLU vaccination before midnight on (02/12/2021). Please use your child’s NHS number or legal surname/date of birth/post code to access the form.


Liaising with Parents

Teachers are normally available immediately before and after school, but we would advise you to telephone the school office beforehand to ensure that the teacher has no previous commitment. You can also contact the Family Liaison Officer and Childrens Liaison Officer by telephone or speak to them on the gate at the start of the day.

Parent consultation evenings are held each term but additional meetings can be held, should you wish to discuss your child’s progress further.

Parent Helpers

We are often looking for parent helpers. If you have any spare time and are available to come into school and help, please contact Mrs King, (Family Liaison Officer), either on the gate in the mornings or by telephone 01303 276119




Keeping Children Safe Online

Our young people have been born into the ‘digital age’ and use computers, mobile phones, games consoles and tablets as part of their everyday lives.

The internet is always changing, and being able to keep up to date with your children's use of technology can be a challenge, especially if you feel that your children may have better technical skills than you do. However, children and young people still need support and guidance when it comes to managing their lives online and using the internet positively and safely.

At Cheriton we know that it is important to teach pupils about the underpinning knowledge and behaviours that can help them to navigate the online world safely and confidently regardless of the device, platform or app. Children in every Year group take part in specific lessons regarding this and in assemblies at certain times during the school year


There are many benefits of using ICT at home, these can include:
improving attainment
improving ICT skills and making learning fun
offering choice in what is learnt and how it is learnt
supporting homework and revision
offering flexible range of learning materials
improving presentation of work

However, despite these benefits we still need to be aware of what our children are accessing.

Here are some useful “tips” to keep young people safe:

  • Put the computer in a family room and not a bedroom, so that you can supervise what your child is accessing online and let children know that you are there to give advice and support


  • Agree and manage the amount of time your child spends online and in front of a screen; mobile phones, games consoles and other devices often have internet access—check sites are age-appropriate and bookmark child friendly sites or search engines for your child to use


  • Change privacy settings


  • Let your child know they can come to you if they encounter anything they are unhappy about


  • Spend some time on the website or app yourself, get used to how they work and the kind of content that your child will be accessing


  • Monitor viewing habits


  • Encourage critical thinking (talk about what people might post online and why some posts could cause distress)


  • Seek further support – if your child has seen something distressing online, reassure and empathise and if they are upset in any way by what they have seen, speak to one of the school’s safeguarding leads. If you have serious concerns report these to CEOP   

A word about age recommendations and restrictions:

Many apps and websites require users to be a specific age (7+, 12+, 13+ , 16+, 18+ and so on).

This is because users will encounter content that is NOT SUITABLE for young people below that age. Children who are 10 should not have access to apps that require a minimum age of 13.