Cheriton Primary School

Time Capsule

On Monday 25th March 2024, a time capsule was buried on the grounds. The time capsule was filled during the 2022-23 academic year as part of the celebrations of Ms Maxted's retirement and contains a range of documents from the year as well as artwork created by the children in each class.

Zac, Seb, Dilani and Faye (School Council members), along with Mrs King and Mr Thatcher, helped to dig and bury the capsule and a plaque was placed at the site. Everyone discussed how we may never see the time capsule again, or perhaps the children may return in decades time with their own children (or grandchildren!) to see it excavated.

The time capsule is buried under the oak tree half way down the field on the railway side.

It is believed that there is another time capsule buried on the school site, but currently its exact location is unknown. Perhaps one day, somebody will know exactly where it was buried and we can dig it up and see its contents.