Cheriton Primary School

Living Eggs

We have had the very exciting privilege of receiving a batch of eggs to look after. They arrived at the start of our Science Week in June and sat motionless in the incubator for a short while.

It didn't take long for the first signs of activity to appear and as you can expect, the children (and adults) were very excited!

Our first chicks hatched after just a couple of days!

We couldn't believe how quickly they grew. 5P had the responsibility of weighing and measuring the chicks each day to chart their growth as well as check that they were healthy. 

The children had an opportunity to hold and stroke the chicks and some parents couldn't resist the urge to have a go themselves!

Latest update: Our chicks weighed just 30g each when they hatched and now are a hefty 60-70g each- that means they've doubled their body weight in about 8 days! They have also started to learn that flapping their wings could help with an escape plan... 

Sadly, we can't keep them forever and they will go to better homes soon where they can grow to be happy, free-range adult chickens.

Have a look at the gallery to see some other photos from our Living Eggs experience.

Living Eggs Chicks