Cheriton Primary School

Year 6 Residential 2024

Year 6 are away on their residential trip at Gilwell Park during the first week of Term 6.

Check out some updates below to see how they are getting on!

After a good coach journey, we had a fun first afternoon, enjoying our first activity sessions. Our first night in our dorms was terribly exciting!

Tuesday was another busy day with two activities as well as our first room inspection- so far so good! Although Mrs King and Mr Thatcher are hoping for some more entertainment in future inspections...


Wednesday has been another fun and action-packed day! The room inspection entertainment lived up to expectations, although tomorrow's Disney theme should prove to be a hit!

After dinner, we walked off some of our food around the park. There are some wonderful views, some really cool, old trees and even a doorway into Narnia.


Thursday has been another fabulous day- fun activities, sports, camp fire and much more! 

Exactly what we brought the football goals for...


 Elijah was NOT happy with his marshmallow!

And time for a special Gilwell quiz. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE:

Did you spot our special visitor?


Friday is always bittersweet- we've had a fabulous week and sad that it's over, but can't wait to see our families, who we have missed!

We have made so many amazing memories with our wonderful Year 6 children and they have been a credit to themselves, to their families and to our school. Now for a rest!!

We will organise a presentation for parents to see the Gilwell video and to award prizes- more information to follow soon.

It's a big thumbs up from us all!

Mrs King all settled in for the journey...