Cheriton Primary School

Foundation Stage Maths

It is our goal that all children in the Foundation stage will meet the following objectives by June of their foundation year.


  • Count reliably from 1 - 20
  • Know the value of each number to 20.
  • Give one more or one less than any number to 20.
  • Order numbers 1 - 20.
  • They will begin to add and subtract numbers to 20.
  • Solve problem involving numbers to 20. E.g. I have 3 sweets and Kim gives me 2 more. How many sweets do I have now? 
  • Double and half single digit numbers and relate to sharing.


  • Describe everyday objects using mathematical language.


  • Talk about size, weight, distance, time, capacity position and money to compare quantities and objects.

Language / Vocabulary

Measure, compare, add, subtract, morning, afternoon, more, less, digits, tens, ones, compare, order, recognise, find, write, share, 2D shapes, add, total, make, plus, more, altogether, subtract, less, take away