Cheriton Primary School

Year 1 Maths

In Year 1 it is our aim that all children meet the following expectation:


  • Read and write numbers1-20 in numerals and words.
  • Read and write numerals to 100.
  • Count from any given number to 100.
  • Know number bonds to 20.
  • Memorise and reason with numbers to 20 e.g. 11+3 = 14.
  • They can deconstruct and reconstruct numbers e.g. 12 is the same as 8+4.  (12=8+4).
  • Find 1 more or1 less than any given number to 100.
  • Know what the symbols + - = mean and use these to write number sentences.
  • Use their knowledge of the above to solve number problems and investigate numbers to 100 and beyond.
  • Know the value of each digit in numbers to 100 e.g. 28 = 20 + 8


  • Know half and a quarter - they know that the whole is divided into equal parts dependent on the denominator e.g. 1/4 means the whole has been divided into 4 equal parts. They can find half or quarter


  • To be able to read a clock and tell the time to o'clock and half past.
  • Know the days of the week, months of the year and understand what year it is.
  • Recognise how long a week, month and year is.
  • Measure using a ruler, weighing scales and containers


  • Recognise and name common 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Recognise these shapes in different orientations and describe what has happened e.g. it has made half a turn clockwise.

Language / Vocabulary

Measure, compare, add, subtract, morning, afternoon, more, less, digits, tens, ones, compare, order, recognise, find, write, share, 2D shapes, add, total, make, plus, more, altogether, subtract, less, take away, minus, estimate, mentally, difference between, difference, leave, sum, number bonds, length, volume, clock, noon, midnight, minutes, hours, o’clock, place value, hundred, number problem, half, quarter, whole, greater than, less than.